Choosing a career sector

Postgraduate study and research can serve different needs from career training to the development of original and exciting ideas through research and collaborative work.

Choosing a career sector

If you are studying a postgraduate course because it is of interest to you but not related to a specific job then you need to consider what you might do at the end of it - right at the beginning of the course. And it's still essential to plan for your next move if you are studying for a vocational postgraduate degree of a vocational nature, such as quantity surveying.

If you are thinking of applying for one of the big employer graduate schemes, check the application dates at the start of the final year of your postgraduate course (or as you start if it is a one-year course). The majority of graduate training schemes have application deadlines between November and December for programmes starting the following September/October. You need to do your employer research and be ready to apply during the first term of your final year.

Graduate schemes in career areas such as engineering, accountancy, human resources, law, construction, management and property often provide training accredited by a relevant professional association and a structure that will support you in qualifying to practise professionally.

Postgraduate study and your career