Science and research

Studying at postgraduate level

The UK has a wealth of postgraduate science courses on offer. Renowned universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London are consistently challenging the might of the US universities for a top-ten spot in the rankings for science. Considering that the UK isn't even half the size of Texas, that's not bad going.

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Choosing the type of postgraduate programme

MSc, MRes or PhD?

Choose the type of postgraduate programme that suits your aims

Find funding

Find funding

Find a masters or PhD funding source to help pay for your studies.

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Research councils

How could the EPSRC, BBSRC or the Medical Research Council help you?

Case studies

Stefanie Gehrig on her PhD in microbiology at the University of Oxford.

Mairi Brookes on a Physics PhD at the Institute for Astronomy, Edinburgh University.

Useful links

The Postgraduate funding guide from the National Postgraduate Committee.

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