Is postgraduate study right for you?

Can't decide whether or not to continue with your studies? Complete our quiz to reveal what advice we have for students in your position.

What is your motive for pursuing postgraduate study?

A - A passion for a particular subject
B - To improve my chances of securing a job
C - I need more time to decide on my career

What did you enjoy the most about your first degree?

A - The research/learning element
B - Assignments and project work
C - Both learning and assignments

What influenced your decision to go to university after school?

A - To further my knowledge in an area of interest
B - To make myself more employable
C - I wasn't ready to go straight into employment

How did you decide on what course to study?

A - I chose a course based on subject I enjoyed at school
B - I chose one specific to my ideal profession
C - I chose a course I thought I'd be good at

When selecting a uni for your postgraduate study, what is your most important criteria?

A - A reputation for academic excellence in my chosen field
B - It should be rated highly among employers
C - It should be rated highly by students

What kind of postgrad course are you looking for?

A - One that will allow me to research my chosen topic with more depth
B - One that will prepare me with the skills & knowledge required in work-life
C - One that explores a wide variety of topics within my chosen subject

What element of your uni life did you enjoy the most?

A - The learning aspect and being in an academic environment
B - Joining and getting involved in university clubs and societies
C - I enjoyed the whole experience

The results

Mostly As

You are certainly on the right path in your decision to go into further study. Your desire to learn more and venture further into your chosen subject will allow you to apply yourself and really make the most of a postgraduate course. Do bear in mind that future employers will expect you to demonstrate what skills you have gained that are transferable to the workplace. When choosing a course, ask yourself: 'Does this course prepare me with the skills I need for my ideal job?'

Mostly Bs

You are a career-driven individual with an end goal on your horizon. A vocation-specific course is the best way forward. If, like most undergraduates, your degree is not designed to lead to a particular profession, our advice to you would be to look into taking a conversion course. Make sure you do your research before committing to a course, by finding out which courses are rated highly by potential employers. You can find employer ratings listed against each postgrad department in our course search.

Mostly Cs

There is a good chance you are undecided about your next move; but there's no need to panic. You'll be relieved to know that you are in the same boat as most of your peers, and there is still time to plan ahead. In light of the current slump in the job market, you may feel that a postgraduate qualification could give you an advantage over other jobseekers, or perhaps you are just not ready to enter employment. Whatever your reasons, be aware that further study is very hard work; it demands a lot of time and effort, as well as being a huge financial commitment. If you want to go down this route, you need to be sure you are going to follow it through.