Charity and trust funding for postgraduate study

Charity and trust funding for postgraduate study

There are numerous organisations offering alternative sources of funding for postgraduate courses. For example, some charities, foundations and trusts offer grants to local students or people studying certain subjects. These awards are unlikely to cover your full expenses but may help towards your overall costs.

How to find small grants for postgraduate courses

Consult the following directories, which you're likely to find at your university careers service, library or council for voluntary service.

  • Charities Digest
  • The Directory of Grant-Making Trusts (Directory of Social Change)
  • The Grants Register: the Complete Guide to Postgraduate Funding Worldwide (Palgrave Macmillan Ltd)
  • The Educational Grants Directory (Directory of Social Change)

District and parish councils may also offer small awards, particularly for local students or those studying a topic relevant to the area.

You could also try these websites: