Postgraduate funding from the Arts & Humanities Research Council

Postgraduate funding from the Arts & Humanities Research Council

One of the seven research councils, the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), has an annual budget of just over £100 million to support research 'that furthers our understanding of human culture and creativity'.

A wide range of subjects are supported from classics to modern languages to the performing arts with the aim of adding to the economic strength of the UK through advances in knowledge, innovation and cultural developments.

Most of the AHRC's postgraduate funding is distributed through the 'block grant partnership' and 'block grant partnership capacity building route' studentships. Universities are awarded studentships and recruit students for those funded places themselves.

The studentships are used to for three different graduate schemes; the Research Preparation Master’s scheme, the Professional Preparation Master’s scheme and the Doctorial Awards scheme.

In any one year, the AHRC makes approximately 600 research awards and 1,000 postgraduate awards.

Applying for an award

The research organisations (usually universities) with AHRC Block Grant awards are available online.