Postgraduate study in Cambridge

Postgraduate study in Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is the second best university in the UK and has the highest level of student satisfaction out of every institution. Not surprisingly, it is also leading the way in many areas of research, including medicine, earth sciences, psychiatry, general and chemical engineering, chemistry, applied mathematics, computer science, architecture, town and country planning, Italian, anthropology and psychology. However, Anglia Ruskin University (which also has a campus in Cambridge) has too built a reputation for its research into health and social work.

Finding a job after postgraduate study in Cambridge and East Anglia

Cambridge is where the past and present meet the future. You'll find age-old tradition, up-to-date facilities and futuristic industry packed together in a city that's just fifty minutes from London.

The city is best known for its educational institutions and it's the work of graduates from these that has led to the creation of 'Silicon Fen', a cluster of cutting-edge software, electronics and biotechnology businesses, including multinationals CSR and ARM.

If you're not technologically minded, however, there are still plenty of graduate opportunities on offer within the Cambridge area, as its city-in-the-country standard of living has made it popular with a wide range of recruiters.