In partnership with

Aston University
8 Dec 2016
Conference Aston, Aston University, Aston Triangle, Birmingham B4 7ET
Why visit the Midlands best free to attend postgraduate study & funding fair?

At our FREE fair, which is in partnership with Aston University you can;

  • Meet advisors from UK’s best universities
  • Hear from experts in postgraduate funding
  • Find out what it takes to be a postgrad student
  • Learn how postgrad study can increase your employability
  • Discover international study opportunities

About the event

The TARGETpostgrad Study & Funding Fair is bringing together local, national and international institutions to provide you with the best postgrad advice.

Partnering with Aston University for the first time, the TARGETpostgrad Study & Funding Fair is a must-attend event for all those looking to secure a postgraduate course.

Did you know you could increase your employability by 85% with a postgraduate qualification?

Free to attend seminars

Attend a range of different seminars:

11.00 – Postgraduate Study in the USA
Delivered by the US-UK Fulbright Commission

11.45 – Funding Advice
Delivered by Aston University

12.30 – Professional Development Programme
Delivered by Aston University

13.15 – Future Finance Funding
Delivered by Future Finance

Venue and directions

The fair will run in Aston Business School, one of the largest and oldest business schools in Europe in the heart of Birmingham, the address is:

Conference Aston, Aston University, Aston Triangle, Birmingham, B4 7ET

Venue info can be found here.

Travel expenses

We will be reimbursing travel expenses up to £20 for students travelling to the fair from outside Birmingham via public transport. Reimbursement claims can only be made on the day providing you have:

  • University ID card or proof of residence
  • Travel receipts, inc. a VAT receipt.

Failure to provide these documents will result in your claim being refused. Only the value of the travel shown on receipts will be given.

Download the app

Details about the TARGETpostgrad Fairs App

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Meet with local, national and international institutions including:

  • Russell Group universities
  • Institutions whose courses boast some of the best student satisfaction rates

This year’s exhibitors will include

Make the most of the fair

Do be assertive when you meet people at the fair, give a firm handshake and make eye contact.

Read more of our tips here.