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Mitochondrial Biology

This is a research course under individual research supervision, which leads to a thesis; the unit has 3 major scientific aims: to understand the fundamental processes taking place in mitochondria; to understand the involvement of these processes in human diseases; to exploit knowledge of these fundamental processes for the development of new therapies to treat human diseases; topics include: ATP synthase, understanding the molecular mechanism of how ATP is made; bacterial complex I, the structure and function of bacterial respiratory complex I; bioinformatics, understanding mitochondrial processes by using computer modelling and simulation; mitochondrial carriers, transport of metabolites, cofactors and ions across the mitochondrial inner membrane; mitochondrial complex I, understanding the molecular mechanism of complex I and its roles in human disease; mitochondrial diseases, the replication and maintenance of mitochondrial DNA; mitochondrial dysfunction, targeting molecules to mitochondria, mitochondrial radical production and redox signalling; mitochondrial genetics, discovering the genetic links between mitochondrial dysfunction and human disease; proteomics, the mitochondrial proteome; in addition to the course fee (university composition fee) students may have to pay a college fee.

Entry requirements

Students should indicate in a letter of application the project or projects and supervisor(s) in which the student has an interest, attach a detailed curriculum vitae and the names and contact details of 2 academic referees.


Qualification Study mode Fee Course duration
MPhil Full-time £ 7,035 per Academic year (home fees) 1 years
MPhil Full-time £ 22,674 per Academic year (overseas fees) 1 years
PhD Full-time £ 7,362 per Academic year (home fees) 3 years
PhD Full-time £ 23,889 per Academic year (overseas fees) 3 years

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Campus name Town Postcode Region Main campus Campus Partner
Cambridge University Cambridge CB2 1TN East of England

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