University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge


Entry requirements

Upper 2nd class Honours degree or overseas equivalent; applicants whose 1st language is not English must demonstrate competence in English (IELTS 7.0 with at least 7.0 in each element; or other acceptable test).

Course modules

Research interests in each division include: cellular and genetic pathology/molecular histopathology (human molecular genetic pathology); in situ hybridisation and physical mapping of human genome; cellular and molecular biology of cancers; regulation of cell cycle, cytokinesis, and cell death; stem cell biology and lineage commitment; neurodegenerative diseases; molecular genetics of sex chromosomes and spermatogenesis; immunology: human trophoblast and immunobiology of pregnancy; role of human papillomaviruses in tumour progression in genital cancers; (NK cells and receptors); immunological tolerance and regulation of autoimmunity; T-cell recognition of antigen; immunogenetics of MHC; class I and II molecules and antigen processing; regulation of lymphocyte activation; immunoglobulin evolution, structure and function; structure and function of transcription factors; immune escape by pathogens; regulation of innate immune signalling; microbiology and parasitology (toxin synthesis); maturation and secretion by pathogenic bacteria; export of virulence proteins from Salmonella; subversion of mammalian cell biology by invasive bacteria; multidrug efflux; bacterial motility; flagella biogenesis and cell polarity; bacterial nucleoid structure and gene regulation; epidemiology and immunobiology of schistosomiasis; genome analysis in toxoplasma gondii and trypanosoma brucei; nematode development; virology: translational control of RNA viruses; mRNA structure; molecular biology of picorna, corona, and influenza viruses; immune responses to papilloma viruses; pathogenesis and molecular biology of herpes viruses and pox viruses.

Sponsorship information

Research council studentships (about 4 per year) for UK and EU students; departmental studentships (3-4 per year).


Qualification Study mode Start month Fee Course duration
PhD Full-time £ 7,362 per Academic year (home fees) 3 years
PhD Full-time £ 23,889 per Academic year (overseas fees) 3 years
MPhil Full-time £ 7,035 per Academic year (home fees) 1 years
MPhil Full-time £ 22,674 per Academic year (overseas fees) 1 years

Campus details

Campus name Town Postcode Region Main campus Campus Partner
Cambridge University Cambridge CB2 1TN East of England

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