Which postgraduate social work course should I choose?

Which postgraduate social work course should I choose

With more than 30 universities offering the postgraduate degree in social work, there are many factors to consider to help you make the right choice for you.

The department: track record, resources, staff interests

  • Does the department have an established track record in offering social work courses?
  • For ratings, check the research excellence framework assessments (REF 2014).
  • Is the department in a well-established and resourced university?
  • How big is the staff group and is there a wide range of specialisms? How does it feel meeting the staff on open days or interviews?

Course delivery, philosophy, student support

  • What does the programme outline look like?
  • Is a broad course philosophy apparent? If so, does it appeal on the basis of the issues that matter to you?
  • Are there good support structures in place, eg academically, on placement, for minority groups etc?
  • Is there evidence for strong partnerships with local statutory and voluntary social care providers important for placement provision and links with local users and carers?
  • Will the main teaching methods being used suit you?