Apply 2 - UCAS Teacher Training applications

Apply 2 is the second window for teacher training course applications in England and Wales. For the 2018 application cycle, Apply 2 opened in November.

When do you use Apply 2?

If you don't have an offer of a place on a teacher training course from Apply 1 because:

  • You didn't receive an offer from your choices in Apply 1
  • Withdrew your interest
  • Declined any offers

You can use Apply 2 to find a teacher training place. It's a chance to have a second bite of the cherry.

How does Apply 2 work?

Apply 2 uses the same UCAS Teacher Training application system as Apply 1, and the details that you've already completed for Apply 1. But unlike Apply 1, where you made three choices at once, Apply 2 works one application at a time.

In Apply 2 you can keep on making applications until you either accept an offer, or the window closes for applications.